Friday, 14 May 2010

The Belders Wench

Min-Y-Llan - The Belders Wench
BeldersWenchAlbum.jpg picture by roygbiv31
Label - Kift Fliper
Artwork By Jessie Mason
Second release from Pembrokeshire based netlabel Kift Flipper. Min-Y-Llan aka Martin Boulton delves once more into the ambient waters and resurfaces with spellbinding electronic beats.

01. Clay Lanes
02. Never Felt Pain Like This Before
03. Plaid Life
04. A Dream From Somewhere Deep Inside
05. When Is Summer Coming
06. You Don't Like Music
07. The Man With The Sun In His Head
08. Mandroid 404
09. Work Asylum 12.5
10. Whale Oil Beef Hooked
11.The Most Powerful Of All Numbers
12. Saw You Waiting
13. Church Of The Poison Mind

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Reviewer: Nonima - [5.0 out of 5 stars] - May 14, 2010
Subject: Another fine release Martin!
A release from Min-Y-Llan is always a joy to listen to. His newest offering here, "The Belders Wench" expands on the sound of previous works "The Letterston EP", and Section 27 releases "Dark Days" and "The Black Lagoon" whilst retaining the substance that we know and love. Melodic, ethereal soundscapes, nod-your-head beats and pristine production. Fans of Plaid and what I like to call the "classic" sound of electronic music between 1997 and 2003 (admit it, they were great years for electronica!) will undoubtedly enjoy this.


  1. Hello Martin;

    I do a weekly electronic music radio program and just discovered you on Techno-Locator.Ru, since downloading 3 of your releases.

    Outstanding IDM that includes nice ambient parts and touches of late 1980s Cyberpunk!

    I look forward to broadcasting your music, perhaps an entire set, as soon as this Sunday (27 June). Look for an e-mail notice in advance of airplay.

    Cheers from across the pond in the States,

    Pat Murphy
    Alien Air Music
    KXLU 88.9FM, Los Angeles

  2. Martin, I've only just caught up with your stuff - it's lovely. Real spirit of 90s IDM in there but something more modern too. Really like it - constantly surprising. More!